By James Heavey
24th January
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Sunday 28th January 2019, 6pm


Before the OE’s AGM on Sunday 27th January, here is some information which is being discussed at the league AGM and will likely be mentioned on Sunday.

1. If umpire/facilities marks are not updated on time it will now be points deduction and not monetary fines

2. Any matches which are to be conceded should be done so before Tuesday @12pm to allow alternative games can be organised (mainly applicable for regional divisions)

3. Match start times to be proposed at 12pm rather than 1pm

4. In divisions 7 and below, proposed that wides = 2 run penalty and no extra ball, except for the last over where normal rules remain

5. In divisions where there are fewer sightscreens, there is a discussion over what ball is used, red vs pink. Clubs to discuss and send feedback.

****All changes to be voted on at the League AGM****

6. The League are not happy with some clubs not supporting the league functions, and will be asking those in attendance at the AGM to sign a ‘letter of engagement’

7. Recruitment of scorers and umpires will be discussed at the League AGM

8. Laws of cricket have relaxed slightly, now 2 no balls above waist height do not have to be called as ‘dangerous’ and it is down to umpires discretion whether it is dangerous or not.

Most of this information is shown on the Herts League website.

This will be placed on the OE’s Pitchero website to ensure that all members have access to this information.

See you Sunday hopefully.


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